Wow Wellness with VLCC

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin


Hey guys..!!!

So hows ur skin doing this summer…. It’s too hot out there, hope you all are taking care of yourself and your skin. In this hot season when the sun is almost trying to burn us, we are going through lots of skin/hair/beauty problems, which involves hair sweating, falling hair, scalp itching problem, face/ body tanning, patches, pigmentation, acne, low ph levels, dark circles and what not. Between all these, I got an opportunity to join #vlccstylestatements event @vlccin and cleared out all my doubts and what’s best for my skin type and body.

Thank you all of u for asking your questions which I asked during the session with experts of VLCC & I’m glad that I got all the answers with every bit of detailing.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

VLCC have their best expert team. As we all know that VLCC is famous for their weight loss fitness and shaping program, but I got to know that they are not just for shaping but they can help you in your wholistic wellness like skin/body/beauty treatments which can automatically boost your confidence.

Some of you have concerns about your skin, and some asked about hair problems so I’m sharing all your answers in 3 sections.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

1. Skin – I have always hated summers for various reasons. Queries regarding Sunburn , tanning, dehydrated skin, patchiness, pigmentation and dark circles were asked by you all. To get rid off all these problems, all we have to do is, always clean the skin with gentle/mild face wash and always use a quality moisturiser.

Moisturisation is the key to all skin problems.Regularly hydrate your skin, it doesn’t matter your skin type either it is dry, oily or normal. Moisturising is important to make your skin look and feel healthy.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

For tanning and pigmentation problems, 25-50 SPF sunscreen should be used and if your skin is directly exposed to sun often, then you should cover your face with a cotton scarf after applying sunscreen. It will protect your skin from harmful run raises and cotton cloth will provide coolness to your skin. Apply sunscreen 3 times a day to avoid tan and harmful rays. It will help protect your skin from 70-80% burns/damage.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

VLCC have a good range and advanced treatments for skin like the Vampire face-lift which is a 3 session facial treatment. It will help you to look your skin much fresh, healthier and younger. VLCC have a good range of skin products and specialized services. Range fit for INDULGENCE, go and check out here on

2. Hair – Nowadays most of us are concerned about hair fall, dryness, oily and sweaty hair problems. In summers, do not wash hair more than 2 times in a week. If you want to protect your hair against all kind of damages, make sure you use quality conditioner after shampoo. You can also do oiling/massage once in a week. We all have different hair type, so you can use oil as per your choice which suits your hair. Do not leave your hair sweating. It can cause hair fall.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

I have personal experience of using VLCC skin and hair treatment and products. But here I will only talk about hair care. My hair was becoming dry and shineless and my scalp would always get oily within 1 day of shampoo. So I tried hair scalp massage at VLCC and after this session, my hair felt healthy, soft, silky and shiny. It was Aroma hair massage and I loved it and recommend you all go and try this out once and you will be a fan of this treatment.

Aroma Scalp Massage Therapy

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

3. Beauty – In Beauty section they have a huge variety of products, treatment & services.

*         Brides & Grooms
*         DNA Skin
*         Hair, Mani & Pedi
*         Just For Men services
*         Make-Up Studio
*         Nail Bar
*         Regular Beauty Services
*         Skin Care & Skin Treatments
My favourite section is
In this they have all wellness treatments like –
Beauty Basics
Hair care treatment
Hair services

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

Guys…It was an awesome session and experience. I definitely want you to try out their products and treatments for sure. You’ll feel it all worth doing.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

In this #vlccstylestatements session I came to know that we should know about our body type. What our skin wants and when our hair gives us signals to be careful, which I never thought of.

Wow Wellness with @Vlccin

Hope you all have got your answers. Try this out, feel the smoothness of your skin and hair and feel comfortable in your own skin type.

Use what suits you, it can be a ₹50 product or ₹1500 it doesn’t matter. Treat what nurtures you.

For satisfactory services, you can definitely visit & try VLCC.  Also I have some existing News for you guys.. you all can use this coupon code U161M966 (Valid till 30-04-17 14:27)

The T&C for the codes are as follows:
– 10% discount on availing any service with VLCC ( valid over and above the current discount )
– One time use
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– Not applicable on high end Dermat services

Much Love


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