Its no surprise that people have always been willing to replace Jeans with cargo pants for the comfort they provide.Although the style options are somewhat limited but the amount of comfort they provide can eclipse this drawback everytime, to pull the cargo pants out of our wardrobes again and again.The huge pockets of Cargo Pants can especially be helpful when you are traveling long distances,And their loose and comfortable nature can make them a perfect fit for long walks or adventure activities such as hiking and trekking.

Shrizan In Cargo

Season And Location Independent

Cargo Pants are season independent,Although I prefer wearing them more during summer or monsoon times.For me,Cargo Pants are a must in summer,obviously where I can not wear shorts,I have to go for Cargo Pants.From parties to trips to late night walks,I have tried Cargo Pants everywhere.Just a little styling and you could walk in anywhere,wearing your stylish comfy cargo pants.

In Winters,Cargo Pants can be a good choice as well,especially indoors because at times,tight jeans become difficult to wear indoors,causing discomfort and warmness and even sweatiness.At such times Cargo Pants can be easily replaced with tight jeans.

My Style

My style is bit chic and casual so it’s an all win-win situation for me because I can have multiple styling ways in Cargo for a feminine look.As it is mostly raining these days,in the monsoons,I choose to wear 3/4 in Cargo(which is another advantage of styling cargo pants), so that I can pull it of this trend without any rainy situation. I have styled it with a white top to give it a more subtle look. This outfit matches perfectly with black high boots. And here I am with my Casual Cargo Look,ready to go outdoors with my buddies for a local road trip.


Cargo pants were originally introduced for men,to have a replacement for traditional pants in rough settings and environment such as military,exploring,park ranging,hiking etc.
Made from tough cotton,they can be used in variety of environments and depending on your level of fitness they can be worn all year long.

Cargo pants these days are easily available at most of the clothing outlets in different style options both for men and women .So I hope if you have forgotten the Cargo trend,you would be willing to put them on again,to pump up your comfort with an attractive style.

Hey guys, do let me know in comments, what do you think about this cargo styling,I hope you’d love it as much as I do.