Pretty Pink Dress

Hey guys..

Happy world peace day 🌸

Here I’m with another post, this post representing very famous embroidery work in a pink dress, another form of chikankari named Tepchi also known as Taipchi or Tipkh

It is the most basic hand stitched skill learned by tailors.

I wanted a sweet yet simple look. For this, I bought a Tepchi work pink Dupatta and took a little creative step to design it  into a skater pink dress.

Baby Pink is one of my favorite, it has it’s own essence. So I wanted a dress of this color.

Yeppie…at the end, it came out so well. So I thought to do a blog post on this.

Making a tiara and mixing Gerbera flowers with the shades white, baby pink and hot pink gives more soft and settle look, isn’t it!!

With effortless makeup and hair it looks more fresh and natural.

At last,I added some nude pink stilettos to give it a little glamorous impression.

So guys, what do you say about my instinct of design.

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Shrizan Sitting In Pink Outfit

Shrizan Displaying Pink Outfit Sitting Side Picture

Shrizan Standing In Pink Dress

Shrizan Pink Dress Face Capture

Shrizan Pink Dress Looking Down

Shrizan Pink Dress Sitting Looking Front

Shrizan Pink Dress Standing Looking Down

Shrizan Sitting In Pink Dress Side Picture Flower Bun In Hairs

Shrizan Sitting Smiling In Pink Dress

Shrizan Pink Dress Cropped Picture

Shrizan Focus On Hairs And Flower Bun

Shrizan showing Hairs And Flower Bun