Hair Colour Transformation At Kirti Jotwani Studio

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As you all know, I have done  drastic change to my hairs for their look and comfort, which turned their length from waist  to the neck. I am pretty sure you were surprised when you saw my short hair length picture on instagram. Some of you looked sad because I cut my hair way too short where as many were thrilled and excited as I was ? I wanted this short hair look since last year but somehow could never make up mind to get the trimming done. Anyways, at the end you guys loved my choice and after seeing such response, I felt more loved ? ? Yayyyy. It was one of the happiest moment of 2017 for me, I must say. Getting this lob haircut is a kind of makeover, seeing its result, I wanted to colour it yesss!!


shrizan hair look at kirti jotwani studio

Shrizan hair processing at kirti jotwani studio

shrizan hair transormation at kirti jotwani lucknow

shrizan hair side look man working kirti jotwani studio

shrizan hair look kirti jotwani studio

hair colour transformation6

hair colour transformation7

hair colour transformation8

hair colour transformation9

hair colour transformation10

hair colour transformation12

hair colour transformation13

hair colour transformation14

shrizan hair look kirti jotwani

hair colour transformation15
Shrizan hair look side view kirti jotwani studio

shrizan standing kirti jotwani studio hair look


Talking about my personal choices, I always know what I want, especially in fashion. It’s important to know what looks good on you and what not. Everyone have different color, different personality, different understanding and different ways to express their self. It’s good to give a boost to your personality by doing such experiments like coloring your hair. I love my colored hairs. For me, it’s quite boring to have one color hair, through your whole life until they become gray.

Coming to hair colour story, I was recommended Balayage technique and was very excited to get it. Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted in such a way that it creates a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Got this gorgeous Balayage done by @kirtyjotwani makeup studio and salon. I personally want to do a big shoutout to the very talented man, behind this awesome work. Mithun. After getting this perfect color, it’s become important to say that”kaam bolta hai”.

I was very specific about my hair color, because I wanted it very settled. As the natural color of my hair is brown so I wanted 2-3 shade lighter for highlighting it.
In this process first got done with shampooing and conditioning after this blow dry to get hair straight and settle.

Finally, coloring was done and taken around 4 hours to complete the whole process. It’s kind of a risk for girls to get a hair cut or even getting hair colored, but after getting Balayage from the salon it was big relief to me. I am much happy and excited to see my new hair look. I had great experience with the salon. A big thanks to this talented lady @kirtyjotwani. She completely understand what we are looking for. And I can say confidently from my own experience that you’ll get, what you want in perfect manner from this place. Hope, you like my look and post, in case you also wanna try it.

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