If I’d have to think of one of the most versatile dress in my closet, an image of my Maxis would definitely pop up in my headspace.I have been in love with Maxis for quite long, since the day I started styling them actually. Versatile in terms of the occasions where these can be worn and the number of styling options they provide.These days,Maxis are worn not only for the evening but in everyday life and for different occasions as well from parties to dates to weddings and festivals. Maxi can be styled up with Jacket, Blazer, Trench Coat, Pants, Turtleneck, Cardigan, Sweaters, Tshirts and much more.

So, One of my friends complimented, that these pictures are looking as they have come straight out of a hollywood shoot.I know thats too huge a complement to recieve, but I have honestly pondered over it many times, the reason for Maxi not being widely worn in India.They are beautiful dresses,which can even be styled for many Indian Festival occasions.

So Now we come to the exciting part, How to style a maxi for the required occasion. Well Actually, the easy and best way should be effortless and comfortable.

In this shoot I have styled this maxi dress for a Sunday brunch party.
One of the best parts of styling a maxi dress is the number of layers you could add over it, As I have added a Denim Jacket, to suppress the slight cold waves that have just started, in October, here in Lucknow.

The Denim Ensemble

I have matched up my maxi dress with a denim jacket in this style. The heels are definitely brushing up the whole attire. By adding this wooden earring in the look it give more chicness to the outfit.





So guys, Please let me know if you like my experiment with this white Maxi dress and if you are looking forward to style a maxi dress for you. And which occasion you are looking forward to put your maxi on?